ITGroup offers custom IT solutions that can be fixed price or time-and-materials. The solution is based on the Client’s unique set of requirements and can be combined with the various Services we offer.

One such solution involves migrating data from the EMC Centera storage platform to a NAS platform (CIFS or NFS). Our Centera Migration Solution allows you to select your new storage from among a number of vendors to best fit your current storage management requirements.

The traditional approach for migrating data off the Centera has been to RECALL each data object from the Centera and then store it at the new storage location. This is highly impractical due to the very slow RECALL performance of the Centera when many objects are involved. The time for such a migration can be months or years.

Our engagement for this project includes:

  1. Joint planning,
  2. The temporary install of the migration appliance,
  3. Complete assessment of the Centera with a report,
  4. Data migration and reconciliation,
  5. Delivery of the Audit Report and De-install of the appliance.

In order for this type of complex data migration to be successful and reliable, the technology used for the migration needs to have “awareness” of the application software that has been archiving data to the Centera. Our solution has such awareness and supports most of the software packages that use the Centera including File System Archive applications, medical applications, content management applications and many others. We continue to develop, test, and certify other applications that interface to the Centera. We have also performed custom engagements to develop support for applications written “in-house”.

The illustration below shows a typical implementation:
Interlock Appliance
If your data resides on a Centera, it is in your best interest to learn more.

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